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Air Cargo Transportation

This method of transportation is indispensable when you need to quickly and in a short period of time to transport cargo. If you want to carry out such transport of goods, the air services of our company is what you need.

We offer the following services:

  • Cargo planes in the world’s leading international airlines.
  • Transportation of groupage cargoes.
  • Transportation whole cargo.
  • Transportation of large and heavy loads.
  • Cargo requiring special care and transportation.

Container Cargo Transportation

It is impossible to imagine international cargo without container cargo. This type of cargo can transport cargo from all over the land to another. Container transportations are by sea and land (rail, road).

We offer the following services:

  • Transportation cargoes from Russia, European Union, USA, Canada, Africa, China and other countries.
  • Transportation of groupage cargoes.
  • Transportation whole cargoes.
  • Transportation of oversized cargoes.
  • Packing, repacking and Excising

Railway Cargo Transportation

Transportation of cargo by rail is the most reliable and affordable method, even carrying over long distances.

Railway transportation transport make it possible as oversized, large-capacity cargo and, as almost no restrictions on weight and size. If you are interested in transporting cargo by rail, our company can offer you a full range of services. Note cargo transportation by rail to carry the CIS, Baltic States, Europe and the Middle East.

We offer the following services:

  • Selection of the optimal scheme of transportation of cargo
  • Pre-and current estimates, discounts for bulk orders
  • Forwarding cargo as directed by the client
  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, engineering and mapping of loading.

Road Cargo Transportation

Due to the geographical and political location of Russia, transportation cargo by road is the most acceptable and commonly used method.

Trucking carried in European countries and CIS countries, Baltics and the Middle East.

We offer the following services:

  • Transportation of groupage cargoes.
  • Transportation whole cargoes.
  • Transportation of oversized cargoes.
  • Transportation of dangerous cargoes.
  • Cargo Door to Door

Warehousing & Distribution

We offers 3rd party logistics (3PL) services at most sites throughout Russia. These facilities are ideally placed to handle the warehouse and distribution components of your supply chain – especially if your supply chain includes an international transport component. Improvements in stock management and distribution practices can be achieved through out-sourcing your internal warehousing & distribution functions.

By moving to an out-sourced / 3PL model you free-up capital that is currently tied-up in buildings and equipment – and move your logistics function onto a variable cost basis.

Inwards goods management, storage, pick/pack, national and all distribution, cross-docking and labelling are all standard services available. As part of the Our group our 3PL services are ideally suited where multi-modal international transport forms a part of your inwards goods or distribution requirements.

Your business can also benefit from releasing management effort away from the day-to-day management of your internal logistics function to concentrate more on growth and development. We provide monthly KPI reporting so you can still maintain control of your inventory and monitor customer delivery performance.

Export – Import

Over a few years BSC has been exporting Agricultural products of Russian Origin to India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Togo and Benin. Our products include Kabuli and Desi Chickpeas, Yellow peas, Red and Green lentils, Coriander Seeds, Flax Seeds, Yellow and Black Mustard, Oats, Barley, Buck Wheat and Animal Feeds.

We have also been exporting India origins Rice, Wheat Flour and Spices to African Nations.

We also import Raw cashew nuts, Soya beans, Green and Roasted coffee from Africa for the Asian markets.